New Uses for Business Cards

“Little Colin’s Mom.” “Model Train Fanatic.” “Single and Looking.” These are among the latest job titles you might spot on the next business card you acquire. That’s because business cards aren’t just for the 9-to-5’ers anymore. The latest trend is personalized business cards. If you don’t have a traditional job, a business card is still a valuable networking and marketing tool. It’s a tangible way to remember someone rather than just storing a number in a cell phone and then forgetting about it.

Here are some ideas.

Parent. I’ve heard stories of parents exchanging cards with each other that identify them by their child, such as “Hayley’s Dad.” This helps the mothers and fathers remember each other through the children they’re more familiar with and helps assist in setting up playdates and such.

Unemployed. Looking for a job? Then you doubly need a business card for networking purposes. Include your contact information as well as a link to your website, online portfolio and LinkedIn profile. Always carry the cards just in case you meet someone at a café or on the bus and you get to chatting. You never know when a job opportunity will come up.

Personal interests. If you’re a collector, a hobbyist or have a special skill, a business card is a keen way to network. For example, if you’re planning to attend Comic-Con in July, and you’re always looking for old issues of X-Men, print up business cards that state your goals and hand them out to people you meet.

Freelancer. Just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean you can’t have business cards. In fact, it’s all the more reason you should. Whether you meet your clients in person or not, be sure they have your business card as well as a few extra to hand out when someone asks for a referral.

Old-fashioned calling card. Back in the day, people went calling to each others’ homes and left their cards as etiquette. These days, handing out business cards doesn’t have to be about business. You can easily design and print your own card with your e-mail address, cell phone number, blog and Facebook and Twitter profiles. Hand them out to friends or even use them as a dating tool. Heck, the card could itself be your most valuable marketing tool yet.


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