3 Copywriting Elements that Work

October 25, 2009

Image via Flickr user bidrohi.

With every format, from envelopes to brochures and letters, there are three copywriting elements -- teasers, headlines and postscripts -- that always seem to improve results. These copy elements work because they combine clever writing and design. In other words, it's the placement of the text that drives the messaging home. Every designer and marketer should become familiar with these three pieces of copy and use them whenever possible. 1. Teaser copy Teaser copy refers to the line or two of text that recipients see right away when they pick up your promotion. On a letter, it's found on the envelope and in a brochure, it would be visible on the cover page. Teaser copy is one of the best ways to entice customers to actually open up and read your promotion. Use teaser copy to let them know when: a) there's something free inside; b) there's a discount offer inside; or c) that they will learn something by viewing your promotion. If you let an envelope, brochure or postcard go out, without this vital piece of text, you may experience depressed response. 2. Headlines and subheads Headlines work really well on letters, inside brochures and on Websites -- basically in any promotion that includes a lot of copy. Headlines and subheads can help break up the content of your promotion into digestible bites that even the most impatient or distracted reader can process. Many customers will skim quickly over your promotion looking for something to jump out at them. By using headlines that capture important information such as product benefits, offers and calls to action, you can still reach those skimming readers. 3. The P.S. The P.S. or postscript in a letter may seem like a tiny detail, but leading marketers will attest to the power of the P.S. in printed promotions. For some reason, people tend to jump down to the postscript even before they finish reading a letter. If you are including a letter, or message of any kind then definitely include a P.S. In the P.S. it's best to reiterate or summarize the gist of the entire promotion. Write it so that, even if its the only thing a person reads, they'll still get the big picture.

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