Creative Holiday Cards

November 5, 2009

It's that time of year again, when you walk into the local supermarket or department store and find that the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah displays are all set up. In some stores, even the Valentine's day items are out on the shelves! While you might say it's too soon for Valentine's Day, its not too soon to start planning a holiday greeting card project. In fact, now is the perfect time to design and print holiday cards!

Think about it: You'll need to come up with a mailing list, a theme, a message, a design and perhaps stage a photograph of your home, business or family to send out. Then you have to allow time for production and mail delivery to be sure the card arrives ahead of the holidays. So start thinking about the winter holidays now and consider these three greeting card add-ons, which will let family, friends and clients know how much you care. 1. Foil stamping The winter holidays are the perfect occasion to add foil stamping to your design repertoire. A foil stamp is a special printing process that adds a layer of metallic-looking foil to a chosen area of your greeting card. Apply foil stamping to snowflakes, candles, stars, menorahs, tinsel, ornaments, gift packages and any other holiday design elements you can think of to make them really shine. 2. Create a sticker A holiday greeting card is also a great vehicle for sending out special stickers. Create a die-cut sticker in the shape of a star or a Christmas tree. Another great use of stickers is to include a bunch in each card, and design them with a "To:" and "From:" field so that recipients can use them when they distribute holiday presents. Or you can create a festive sticker for ringing in the New Year, "Happy 2010!" that people can wear to a party or stick on the calendar or refrigerator. 3. Include a bookmark Why not give everyone on your holiday mailing list a free gift! You can if you include a winter or holiday-themed bookmark in your greeting card mailing. A bookmark is flat and can slip into your mailing with little added cost. The winter holidays are a great time to give a bookmark as a gift with vacation from work and colder weather, there's more time to for folks to curl up with a book.

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