And The Customer Artwork Contest Winners Are ...

May 15, 2014

We know that we have super talented customers, but we were overwhelmed by the hundreds of creative, cool entries for our Customer Artwork Contest! You guys have printed some amazing designs with us this past year. Thank you to everyone who entered! If you didn't win, or didn't get a chance to enter, don't fret. We will be announcing the details of our Summer Poster Design Contest soon! Plus, we have our annual Holiday Card Design Contest later this year. And now, without further ado, we present the winners of the Customer Artwork Contest.

Grand Prize Winner of a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card

Concept / Art Direction: Zak Wilson. Illustration: Samuel Ho. Image Copyright BS Productions Limited

Concept / Art Direction: Zak Wilson. Illustration: Samuel Ho. Image Copyright BS Productions Limited


Five Winners of a $500 Amazon Gift Card

Renee Pulve

Renee Pulve

Fernando Sanzzi

Fernando Sanzzi

Alexandra Fischer

Alexandra Fischer

Brenna Lindblad

Brenna Lindblad

Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams

  That’s not all, folks. PsPrint held a couple of others contests for Customer Appreciation Month. The following customers won $250 Amazon gift cards for entering our Customer Center Drawing:

  • Nathaniel C.
  • Bill R.
  • John S.
  • Paulina S.
  • Pete K.

Finally, customers who placed orders throughout the month of April were automatically entered to win Amazon gift cards. Here are all those winners:

Three Winners of a $500 Amazon Gift Card

  • Rob H.
  • Matteo T.
  • Sheelagh

Winners of a $75 Amazon Gift Card

April 1 winners

  • Chris L. (Job No. 2009698)
  • Metro Family (Job No. 2009619)
  • Jill S. Job (No. 2009669)

April 2 winners

  • Shelley J. (Job No. 2011250)
  • Mark K. (Job No. 2011210)
  • Stefanie F. (Job No. 2011007)

April 3 winners

  • Meg M. (Job No. 2011966)
  • Sandra C. (Job No. 2012023)
  • Bob S. (Job No. 2012255)

April 4-6 winners

  • Rebecca J. (Job No. 2014010)
  • Michelle A. (Job No. 2014039)
  • Ryan S. (Job No. 2013629)

April 7 winners

  • Travis G. (Job No. 2015309)
  • Jason C. (Job No. 2015394)
  • Robert K. (Job No. 2015574)

April 8 winners

  • Mark H. (Job No. 2017424)
  • Rob L. (Job No. 2016949)
  • Lorna S. (Job No. 2017389)

April 9 winners

  • Derreck A. (Job No. 2018468)
  • Pennie O. (Job No. 2018470)
  • Shelly W. (Job No. 2017621)

April 10 winners

  • John B. (Job No. 2019001)
  • Phil P. (Job No. 2019072)
  • Stephen M. (Job No. 2019103)

April 11-13 winners

  • Tam C. (Job No. 2021308)
  • Paul S. (Job No. 2021282)
  • Joseph G. (Job No. 2021585)

April 14 winners

  • Patricia S. (Job No. 2023201)
  • Tiffany H. (Job No. 2023023)
  • Becky H. (Job No. 2022837)

April 15 winners

  • Christopher J. (Job No. 2023951)
  • Resound Ensemble (Job No. 2024608)
  • S. K. (Job No. 2024533)

April 16 winners

  • Christian V. (Job No. 2025017)
  • Cindy J. (Job No. 2025115)
  • Jay W. (Job No. 2025077)

April 17 winners

  • Craig H. (Job No. 2027091)
  • Jennifer J. (Job No. 2026957)
  • Chelsea W. (Job No. 2026957)

April 18-20 winners

  • Ken H. (Job No. 2028448)
  • Roy W. (Job No. 2029035)
  • Amit S. (Job No. 2028433)

April 21 winners

  • Joseph F. (Job No. 2029818)
  • Caramia V. (Job No. 2029813)
  • Luma M. (Job No. 2029637)

April 22 winners

  • Gaea M. (Job No. 2031143)
  • Ashley I. (Job No. 2031575)
  • Reetu H. (Job No. 2030475)

April 23 winners

  • Scott T. (Job No. 2033160)
  • Tina N. (Job No. 2032062)
  • Lorene A. (Job No. 2032942)

April 24 winners

  • Thomas C. (Job No. 2041073)
  • Laura (Job No. 2040763)
  • Concetta I. (Job No. 2040729)

April 25-27 winners

  • Maureen W. (Job No. 2041954)
  • Glenn D. (Job No. 2042658)
  • Gordon W. (Job No. 2042488)

April 28 winners

  • Shannon P. (Job No. 2043792)
  • Ambere S. (Job No. 2044489)
  • Vinita D. (Job No. 2043501)

April 29 winners

  • Jonathan S. (Job No. 2045939)
  • Ayesha K. (Job No. 2045753)
  • Sandy S. (Job No. 2046013)

April 30 winners

  • Arielle D. (Job No. 2047477)
  • Jennifer M. (Job No. 2047519)
  • Khant L. (Job No. 2047188)
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