Five travel spots guaranteed to inspired

June 25, 2009

I hate being in a rut. When I’m overworked and deadlines are staring me down, it can block my creativity. Sometimes I’ll find myself just gazing into my computer monitor praying that an idea will come to me. I know my graphic artist colleagues will agree that having a creative block is one of the worst feelings in the world. But all creativity comes from one thing: inspiration. If you’re stuck at home, or in the four walls of your office at work, sometimes inspiration can seem a little scarce (how many ideas can you really get from that “motivational” poster of a cat hanging from a tree). So I’ve come up with five great travel ideas to get you up out of your seat and on to a new inspiring destination: The theater You can travel for this one, or go to the local one in town, but it’s one of the most inspiring things you can do. The actors, the dialogue, the set design and lighting effects can all spark ideas that you can incorporate into your graphic work. If you’re willing to travel, here are some great theatres to visit:

Grauman’s Chinese Theater is a great place to visit for inspiration.

Grauman’s Chinese TheaterFord’s Theatre The beach Nothing is more inspiring than some R&R. The sand, the sun, the waves washing past your ankles, I’m getting relaxed already! One big block for creativity is stress. It can cause you to shut down and become detached, unable to concentrate and irritable. Taking some time to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather will improve your mood, and the relaxed refreshed you will be ready to take on your next project with a clear mind and some great new ideas. Here are some great beaches: • Caladesi IslandHanalei BaySiesta KeyCape Hatteras National Seashore The mountains Fresh air, log cabins and skiing to get that adrenaline going; there is nothing like it. Going up to the mountains can give you a sense of calm and peace. Being surrounded by all of the massive rock, the huge trees, and the miles and miles of snow gives you an interesting perspective of your place in the world. What better way to start your next project? Here are some great mountains to visit: • Canadian RockiesRocky Mountain National ParkCascade LoopVail, ColoradoPatagonia, Argentina Arts fair One thing that I love to do when trying to get some quick inspiration is look at other artists’ work. Paintings, sculptures, interior design, graffiti, clothing, crafts or anything that I can get my hands on, I rush to check it out. So much can be said for the creativity of others and its influence on you and your creativity. If you’re feeling blocked, head to wherever art is being showcased in your city. There are fairs going on in almost every town in the country, way too many to name here. Do a quick search on the Internet or a look in your local newspaper, and I guarantee that you’ll find a show that’s sure to bring some much needed inspiration. The circus This should be the graphic artist’s playground. The circus isn’t just for kids; it’s filled with all kinds of interesting shapes, colors, special effects and characters. Everything is oversized and dramatic; the faces of the people are amazed and the kids are filled with wonder. It’s live art, and most circus acts that come to town are very reasonably priced. If this doesn’t get your juices flowing, nothing will. Check out when the next circus is coming to your town. If you’re really into traveling, check out Cirque du Soleil. This is one of the most amazing and intricate circus acts in the world. You won’t be disappointed. Where do you go to get your creative juices flowing?

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