Printing Tips for your Party Invitations

November 25, 2009

ballonsWhen printing your invitations yourself or going through a printer, it’s always a great idea to do some double checking to make sure that your end result will be a show stopper.

I’ve received invitations to some very nice affairs that seemed to have good intentions, but their printing quality was terrible! It made me skeptical about how the party would turn out. You don’t have to fall into that same group of unprepared inviters. Here’s a simple checklist for making sure your print invitations turn out great: Know your envelope size There are standard sizes for envelopes, and although there are a wide variety of sizes, you need to make sure that your personalized invitation can fit into one of them. Believe me, I’ve made a great looking invitation off the top of my head, and it was too big to fit into the envelopes that I purchased. Avoid that mistake by knowing your envelope size first and working backwards. Know your audience Creating an invitation with a small script font may be great for healthy eyes, but if you want Grandma to know what time to show up, you might want to make the font a little bit more legible. Choosing a larger font size can be helpful for older eyes, and picking a font that can easily be read but still work with the theme of your party would be best. Know your printer The holidays are coming up, and you’ll probably get a lot of green and red invitations in the mail. If this is your color scheme, and you plan on printing them at home on white paper, you might want to consider your ink output. Technology is ever increasing when it comes to home printers, but there are still limitations. Creating an all black card on white paper can be a tough job for a printer to do. Plus, it can waste way more ink than is necessary, and a saturated card can start to buckle and warp. Choose a design that will be easy to print at home and won’t keep you running to the office supply store for more and more ink.

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