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Tomatoes + Timers = Brilliant Time Management Solution

A friend of mine who is currently in graduate school, pursuing a Ph.d. (thanks, Matt!) recently told me about a time management technique. It’s called …

7 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

A round-up of three new Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to test in 2011 plus four ideas from 2010′s Valentine’s marketing blog posts.

5 Anti-Gun Violence Campaigns

With the recent tragic events in Tucson, Ariz., on my mind, for this post I’ve decided to round up strong anti-gun violence designs. The posters, ads and billboards below are chilling and remarkable.

3 Blogging SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Do you have a blog to promote your small business or freelance design business? Do you want to start blogging in 2011 in hopes of attracting new clients?

14 Offbeat Designs for Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s day is about one month away. The illustrators at Hallmark Cards have been cranking out fuzzy bears and baby-faced cupids for months now. What have you done to prepare for Valentine’s Day?

Postcards and Business Cards: Matte vs. Gloss Paper

Matte and glossy paper both have their pros and cons, and choosing one finish over the other can completely transform a design.  So how do …

10 Inspiring Murals From Around the World

Have you ever wracked your brain trying to come up with an elegant yet imposing design for a large poster? It is a very …

10 Ambient Marketing Campaigns for Design Inspiration

When you design a poster, a mailing or business collateral for a client, do you think about where it’s going to appear or the space in which the end-user will view or interact with the design?

What’s Your Business New Year’s Resolution?

Early January is a great time for watching infomercials on television. As consumers promise themselves they will “lose the weight this year,” marketers tap into …

4 Business Card Redesign Ideas

To revamp your brand in 2011 try a business card redesign. A redesign means you keep the design mostly intact except for one or two …

1980s Design Inspiration: 15 Album Covers

Graphic design in the 1980s was loud, colorfuly, punky and in your face. Fellow PsPrint blogger Jennifer Moline has a great post on 1980s graphic …

3 Ways for Designers to Start Microblogging

For the visually inclined, writing a blog can be an intimidating endeavor. Microblogging is a great way for graphic designers to take advantage of the …

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