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PsPrint Blog Week in Review: July 19 – July 23

Whether you are reading about important stuff such as the BP oil spill or the really important stuff such as Lindsay Lohan’s prison stint, sometimes …

Guest Starring … PsPrint Blog

Our PsPrint bloggers are a talented bunch. Check out their guest appearances on other graphic design and marketing blogs around the World Wide Web.

PsPrint Blog’s Week in Review: July 12 – 16

Whether you were focused on work or Mel Gibson’s latest recorded rant, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you missed this week on the PsPrint …

PsPrint Blog’s Week in Review: July 5 – July 9

A lot can happen in a week.

Between work, family responsibilities, and your obsessive and creepy obsession with the Lindsay Lohan court date, you may …

David Russell


  David Russell | Bluffton, SC

Joseph Alvarado

Joseph Alvarado

Do what you can, no more

Recognize when the design is getting in the way of the bigger picture and change course.

The lost art of typography

Consider how your type font might be effecting your design’s look.

3 questions for better design communication

After your target audience receives your materials, what do you what them to know; how do you want them to feel; and what do you want them to do?

Figuring printer spreads for saddle-stitched documents

Years ago, before Adobe InDesign existed, I used QuarkXPress. At the time, my job required me to transform my readers’ spread designs into printer spreads …

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