• http://www.mcguire.com Alan Pursell

    I know I could come up with a worse redesign of the gap logo. I think a lot of the hostility towards it was just that it changed and consumers don’t like that change. It was too much and without warning.

    Logo/Design changes like that are usually internal wishful thinking. They’ve seen it everyday and at some point have started to hate it. From there, they assume their customers and the people who are no longer customers hate it too and that’s why no one is buying their product.

    Maybe if they make it easier to walk in, find the jeans you want, not force you to pay Nordstrom prices for them, they’d get their profits back up.

  • Jennifer

    Too true — as @40goingon28 tweeted: “Why is everyone bitching about the Gap logo when it’s the clothes inside the damn store that suck?”

  • beegsy

    As a collecter of vintage garments, I own GAP clothing that predates the blue-box logo, as well as the pre-blue-box logo. In fact, I have never liked the blue box logo! My suggestion would be to bring back the logo of the 70′s. It has a “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” kind of cool, but honestly is not cheezy enough to be a miss, and also, the teens and early 20′s generation will have never seen it before: http://www.gapinc.com/public/images/1_About_Gap_Inc./1_firststore.jpg

    The new “logo” that they scrapped really does suck and should be forgotten immediately. It screams “This company has no personality, and if you shop here, neither do you. We are too wuss-bag and conformist to make a statement.”

  • rammjet666

    …Probably a newbie designer who bullcrapped their way into the position. The graphic design industry has been overrun by young, stupid six-month-course-taking Gibbs school graduates who can’t even draw stick figures. They decide to suddenly embark on a career as a “graphic artist” after making a myspace/facebook flyer that gets “aweseome!” comments from moronic cretins.

  • Bobzilla

    I think this is Gap’s way of trying to “Think outside the Blue Box” Think harder GAP.

  • Valerie

    Maybe it’s an awful logo, BUT… it does have everyone talking about it. Makes me wonder if this is simply a publicity stunt with a redesign to follow.

    Or perhaps they figured it would be so awful that it might be cool (2012 London Olympics anyone)? In my opinion, something as integral as a logo deserves better thought. Brand identity is not a playground.

  • BrianB

    I’m happy they switched to the old logo, but I do think they are in need of a rebrand. Maybe they are planning something? GAP puts a weak logo out there. People talk about it. Designers hate it. Gap responsds and they crowdsource it through feedback on FB. Maybe they are looking for a free logo design that will be rebuilt from designers who comment on how to make it better? Free logo made? Maybe? Cheap? Definitely…

  • http://blog.psprint.com Britt

    A friend of mine brought this up, and now I can’t get it out of my mind. The new Gap Logo is the same font as the American Apparel Logo. I think it’s Helvetica? At the moment, American Apparel is having financial troubles, and lots of people think the company might go out of business completely. Perhaps Gap is trying to steal some of the A.A. brand’s marketshare before the company goes down in flames for good?

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