10 Valentine’s Day Design and Marketing Blog Posts You’ll Fall In Love With

You’ll love these Valentine’s Day related blog posts for finding new tools, advice, and inspiration.

6 Frame-Worthy Vintage Postcards

Sometimes when you’ve only seen reproductions of a famous painting and then finally get to see the original, the small canvas size is shocking. It …

Damn Fine ‘Twin Peaks’ Design

“Diane, I regret to inform you that ‘Twin Peaks’ was canceled after two seasons. And I just discovered that ‘In the Trees,’ an …

5 Inspiring Films for Graphic Designers

Five films that will inspire graphic designers, illustrators and creatives. Two of the picks explore visually stimulating imaginary worlds and the other three cover the world of art and design documentary style.

10 Cards for Crazy Cat People

Because I’ve often found that creative people own cats, I’ll bet the graphic designers of these greeting cards don’t need to look far to get inspiration.

5 Financial and Insurance Logos That Don’t Suck

Financial services and buttoned-up corporate logos don’t’ have to be boring or blah. Here are five financial services and insurance company logos that communicate safety and trustworthiness to consumers, but still have a little design zing to them.

3 Quick Social Media Marketing Ideas

If you own a restaurant or bar – then you can’t go wrong with getting the word out about daily specials through social networking. It’s free and fast!

7 Hilarious Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Graphic designers, are you looking for some fun Valentine’s Day inspiration? Then check out these hilarious greeting cards!

5 Cool Ways To Say ’I Love You’

Seeking a fresh new way to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day? Try one of these five creative ideas that go beyond simple store-bought cards.