The Art of Noir City

The ninth annual San Francisco Film Noir Festival begins tonight, and these 24 posters and lobby cards of the movies being shown depict the signature style of the genre: crime, betrayal, manipulation and cynicism.

12 Designs for Penguin Awareness Day

In honor of Penguin Awareness Day today, I present to you 12 diverse works by different artists of the dapper bird who played around with the black-and-white coloring of penguins, took away outlines or amplified the contrast.

3 Bookplate Design Tips

Want a great idea for a new promotional giveaway or design product to add to your repertoire? Design a bookplate! Bookplates are those cool rectangular stickers that you attach to the endpapers of the front of a book and write your name on. This way everyone knows its your book from your personal library.

5 Neat Old Advertisements We Still See Today

Check out this bit of advertisement nostalgia with five neat old ads we still see today. The coolest part? Some of them still work despite modern trends.

Tomatoes + Timers = Brilliant Time Management Solution

A friend of mine who is currently in graduate school, pursuing a Ph.d. (thanks, Matt!) recently told me about a time management technique. It’s called …

5 Twisted Winnie the Pooh Designs

Did you know there’s a Winnie the Pooh Day? Yup, it’s today, so I sought out designers’ alternative takes on Pooh and his pals. The results are anywhere from funny to dark – most definitely not the childhood bear we grew up with.

7 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

A round-up of three new Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to test in 2011 plus four ideas from 2010′s Valentine’s marketing blog posts.

10 Martin Luther King Jr. Designs

Had Martin Luther King Jr. not been tragically murdered more than 40 years ago, he would have celebrated his 82nd birthday this past Saturday. King …

5 Hilarious Stickers for Marketing

Do you like funny stickers? Me too. Here are five of my favorite hilarious stickers for marketing.