Hot Off the Press: Do Your Park, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and More

PsPrint customers have ordered magnets for wedding save-the-dates, calendars and promo giveaways, but Do Your Park’s magnets are new to me. Have you ever been so infuriated by someone’s parking that you left a note? I have, but only in extreme cases, because it takes time to find a scrap of paper, scrawl a note and then carefully place it under the wiper – all the while paranoid that the person will return to his or her vehicle while you’re addressing it. Also, who wants to touch someone else’s car? They’re usually dirty (mine sure is). Do Your Park saw a niche to fill and is doing just that by printing magnets such pithy comments as, “Coloring books must have been hard for you,” and, “You’re all up in my grill.” You will be able to purchase the magnets in a variety pack and then slap them onto parking offenders’ vehicles – no time wasted, no damage to the car and no touching! Each magnet also states, “Park better. Pass it on,” so they’re reusable!

This week’s collection of printing includes some really terrific postcards, stickers and business cards from which you’re sure to draw inspiration. Don’t miss last week’s “Hot Off the Press,” either, which included musician Jim Brickman’s marketing team jumping on the winter holidays early by ordering magnets with his holiday song lyrics.

Magnet for Do Your Park


Postcard for Laura Zarrin


Sticker design by Diana Brower for Brower Stationers


Postcard design by Caroline Sale for San Francisco Jewish Film Festival


Sticker by jaasdesign for Belay Specs


Business card for Chronicle Books


Postcard design by Uncle Pete for Somerville Rock and Roll Yard Sale


Back of business card design by Audrey Dufresne for Stearns Johnson Communications


Postcard design by Kirk Johansen for Spare Time Aquatics


Business card design by Casey O’Quinn for Women Fly Too


Postcard design by Donna Seager for Seager Gray Gallery


Business card for Capital H Collectibles


Postcard for Present Creative


Packaging design by Preston Strout for Crab Grab


Postcard design by Travis Paulding for St. Simons Community Church


Sticker design by Cameron Chase for Tat-Fu Tattoo


Business card design by Cleo Papanikolas for Cleomade


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