Hot Off the Press: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Caledonia Spirits and More

Every once in a while I come across a customer’s story that particularly touches me, and such is the case with artist Kerry Rodgers. When I saw the greeting cards she ordered, the first thing that struck me was the vibrancy of Ronnie Goodman’s “Haight and Ashbury” artwork, with Jimi Hendrix’s left-handed guitar playing seeming to leap off the card and the ghosts of musicians past dancing in the San Francisco sky.

Then I noticed the back of the card, explaining Goodman is a homeless artist who is “inspired by the beauty of San Francisco and its diversity, balanced with the struggles of human despair. With my brush, I try to capture these raw emotions in painted images of the city.”

Rodgers told me that she met Goodman a number of years ago when she was teaching an art class at San Quentin State Prison, where Goodman was an inmate. Released a few years ago, he currently lives in San Francisco in a tent.

“Although he is homeless, everyone who knows Ronnie can attest to the fact that what he lacks in shelter he makes up for in ingenuity, creativity and a genuine positive attitude,” Rodgers said. “I no longer consider Ronnie a student because he teaches me more than I teach him!”

In addition to painting every day at 440 Haight Gallery, Goodman is also an avid runner – at the age of 52 he participates in many Bay Area races and marathons.

If you’re impressed with Goodman’s depiction of Hendrix and the San Francisco ’60s scene in his greeting card below, check out his work on exhibition at the San Francisco Public Library along with other current and former participants of the Arts-in-Corrections Program.

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Greeting card cover artwork by Ronnie Goodman and layout design by Kerry Rodgers


Club card flyer design by Carrie Gocker for Bawdy Storytelling


Brochure cover for Happy Hound Play and Daycare


Club card flyer for Caledonia Spirits


Poster design by Starkweather Studio’s Katie Eberle for Far West Fest


Sticker design by Adam Puncochar for Joyce


Postcard design by Tommy Phavong for 10th and Wood


Booklet design by Dustin Helms for Christian Supply


Postcard for Pittsburgh Party Pedaler


Sticker design by Ron Brathwaite for Basic Foodism


Back of business card design by Eric Tuvel for San Francisco Bicycle Coalition


Postcard by Gordon Chun Design for Museum of the African Diaspora


Business card design by Denise Lussier for Rattletrap Cottage


Postcard for Orchard Community Church


Club card flyer for Sunset Promotions


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