19 Father's Day color palettes for design

June 19, 2020

Many holidays are traditionally associated with specific colors such as red and green for Christmas or black and orange for Halloween. But what about Father’s Day? Floral palettes are a safe bet for Mother’s Day, but Father’s Day seems to be the rogue palette-less holiday. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of colors to inspire your own Father’s Day palettes; in fact, not having a specific color set associated with the holiday liberates you as a designer to create designs from any color combination you want. For your inspiration, here are 19 Father’s Day color palettes for graphic design.

1.  Father’s Day by cornishgirl

Palette Father's Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_14-53-52  


2. Father’s Day by cmflorido

Fathers Day 2013 color theme by cmflorido - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_15-15-41  

3. Happy Father’s Day! by Trixxie

Palette Happy Father's Day! COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_15-17-00   

4.  Father’s Day by robmonti

Fathers Day color theme by robmonti - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_15-53-29  

5.  Father’s Day by icarust

Palette father's day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_15-57-43


6.  Father’s Day by summerbaygirl

Fathers Day color theme by summerbaygirl - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_15-58-40  

7.  Father’s Day by angelafaye

Palette [CLC] father's day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_15-59-13  


8.  Father’s Day by design.pedrodias

Fathers Day color theme by design.pedrodias - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-00-18  

9.  Father’s Day by arubich

Palette Father's Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-00-54   

10.  Fishing Trip by jrussell

Fishing Trip color theme by jrussell - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-01-51  

11.  Father’s Day by KColours

Palette Father's Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-02-22 


12.  Father’s Day by pachon3

Fathers Day color theme by pachon3 - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-03-22  

13.  Father’s Day by Safbi

Palette Father's Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-04-26 


14.  June Father’s Day 2 by rene

june fathers day2 color theme by rene - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-05-57  

15.  Father’s Day by singinggroves

Palette Father's Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-06-28   

16.  RetroBBQ by wayofthevampire

Retro BBQ color theme by wayofthevampire - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-07-30  

17.  Father’s Day by cheshire101


Palette Father's Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-08-17  

18.  Father’s Day by santi_jovenich

Palette Father's Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-10-21  


19.  Father’s Day by BlackHope

Palette Father's Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-06-10_16-12-03   Do you have a favorite Father’s Day color palette? Share a link in the comments!

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