19 Memorial Day color palettes for graphic design

May 15, 2020

When you think of Memorial Day colors for posters, flyers, banners, catalogs, ads, and other marketing materials, red, white and blue probably come to mind. Those are excellent Memorial Day colors, no doubt; however, if you want your Memorial Day designs to stand out it’s a good idea to mix up your color palette. You can, for example, pick non-traditional hues of red, white and blue. Or, add a new color to the mix: green, purple or yellow, for example. Finally, you can completely deviate from standard Memorial Day color themes to set yourself apart from your competitors. For your inspiration, here are 19 Memorial Day color palettes for graphic design.

1.  Memorial Day by dmercer

Palette memorial day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-08-50  

2.  Memorial Day Weekend by minaghunt

memorial day weekend color theme by minaghunt - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-09-18  


3.  1964 by hana

Palette 1 9 6 4 COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-10-23  

4.  Memorial Day Blues by yourworkofart

Memorial Day Blues color theme by yourworkofart - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-10-49  



5.  Dark Patriot by mtrout

Dark Patriot color theme by mtrout - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-12-55  


6.  Memorial Day USA by Carolhue

Palette Memorial Day USA COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-13-51  

7.  Memorial Day 09 by info

MEMORIAL DAY 09 SCHEME color theme by info - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-14-22  


8.  Memorial Day Weekend by glindathegoodwitch

Palette Memorial Day Weekend COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-15-21  

9.  Memorial Day by thomrw

Memorial Day color theme by thomrw - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-15-57  


10.  Remember Our Heroes by QitsuneQage

Palette Remember Our Heros COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-17-02  

11.  Old Glory by joel.sorrell

Old Glory color theme by joel.sorrell - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-17-30  


12.  Memorial Day by beejeans13

Palette Memorial Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-18-24  

13.  Americana by christinenicole24

Americana color theme by christinenicole24 - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-18-49  


14.  Memorial Day by momof32011

Palette Memorial Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-20-09  

15.  Memorial Day by patrickblackmon

memorial day color theme by patrickblackmon - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-20-36  


16.  Chic Memorial Day by xoeab

Palette Chic Memorial Day COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-21-41  

17.  Memorial Day Redux by julieitis

Memorial Day Redux color theme by julieitis - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-22-05  


18.  Memorial Day Patio by Nan Keltie

Palette Memorial Day Patio COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-23-03  

19.  Hot Memorial Day by info

Hot Memorial Day color theme by info - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_12-23-28  



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