25 New Photoshop Tutorials for August

August 7, 2017

Photoshop tutorials make it easy to learn new and diverse design skills. Novice designers can follow along with tutorials to learn Photoshop, while design veterans can learn new techniques and styles to maintain relevance and increase their marketability in an ever-evolving visual world. From basic Photoshop text effects to transparent clothing to expert photomanipulations, you can become a better graphic designer with the following new Photoshop tutorials for August.

1. Create surreal gothic artwork on PhotoshopTutorials.ws

 gothic artwork tutorial photoshop


2. Beautiful lady with flowing light effects Photoshop tutorial on PSD Box

 Photoshop light effect tutorial


3. Create a gold or silver foil texture in Photoshop on Media Loot

 gold or silver foil texture photoshop tutorial


4. Transparent clothing effect Photoshop tutorial on Adobe Tutorials

 transparent clothing in photoshop


5. Tattoo style illustration effect Photoshop tutorial on Spoon Graphics

 tattoo style illustration photoshop


6. Abstract portrait painting tutorial on 3D Total

 abstract portrait tutorial


7. Watercolor effect Photoshop tutorial on Tutpad

 watercolor effect Photoshop tutorial


8. Glitch portrait effect on PhotoshopTutorials.tv

 glitch portrait effect tutorial


9. Summer night wallpaper tutorial on Photoshop Roadmap

 summer night wallpaper tutorial


10. Little panda girl painting tutorial on CG Arena

 little panda girl painting tutorial


11. How to create an album cover tutorial on Photoshop Star

 album cover Photoshop tutorial


12. Double exposure effect Photoshop tutorial on Hasshasib

 double exposure effect Photoshop tutorial


13. Photomanipulation tutorial on RafyA

 photomanipulation tutorial


14. How to remove haze in Photoshop on Let’s Image

 remove haze in Photoshop


15. Lightning text effect Photoshop tutorial on Forever Dansky

 lightning text effect Photoshop tutorial


16. Photoshop 3D text effect in 7 minutes on Tutvid

 Photoshop 3D text effect tutorial


17. Create a 3D can tutorial on Photoshop Café

 3D can Photoshop tutorial


18. Newspaper ransom note text effect on Envato Tuts Plus

 newspaper ransom note Photoshop tutorial text effect


19. Create a night vision effect in Photoshop on YouTube (Blue Lightning TV)

 night vision effect Photoshop tutorial


20. Create striking high-contract black-and-white conversions in Photoshop on Shutterbug

 high contract black and white photoshop tutorial


21. Baby in a bottle photomanipulation on Editor Photoshop

 baby in a bottle photomanipulation tut


22. Create a dreamy emotional scene in Photoshop on Envato Tuts Plus

 dreamy scene photoshop tutorial


23. Water splash effect Photoshop tutorial on E Tutorial Blog

 water splash Photoshop tutorial


24. Tutorial: The fast way to export Photoshop layers on Creative Nerds

 fast layer export Photoshop tutorial


25. Pastel soft vintage effect Photoshop tutorial on Adobe Users

 pastel soft vintage effect Photoshop tutorial

Ready to create your own amazing designs with the tips and tricks found in these Photoshop tutorials? Whether you’re designing marketing tools such as postcards and posters or creating artwork to print and display, you can bring your designs to life with vivid printing at discount prices with PsPrint. 

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