25 powerful (and free) event poster fonts

September 18, 2019

Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser, live concert, trade show or conference, the right font can help your poster stand out, spur interest and increase attendance. Looking for the best poster font for your next event? Try the following powerful and free event poster fonts (be sure to double check licenses for personal and commercial use).

Best poster headline fonts

Poster headline fonts visually convey the mood, tone and excitement of your event. They draw eyes to the name of your event and play a major role in event branding. Consider these poster headline fonts for your next project.

1. Facon

With fonts by Alejo Bergmann, Facon make an excellent poster headline font for sporting events:

2. Rhythmic

This dry brush font by Pixel Surplus makes for a stylish event poster headline:

3. ChunkFive

A bold font by The League of Moveable Type that commands attention for any poster headline:

4. Arctic

With strong lines that suggest a chill climate, Arctic is a clean yet striking font that’s perfect for poster headlines (designed by Matt Ellis):

5. Impossible

Elegant yet exciting, Impossible is a beautiful handwritten font that’s great for theater and other performance event posters (a collaboration between Graphic Design Freebies and Ghuroba Studio):

6. Gallagher

Grungy and edgy with a vintage vibe, this font by Pixel Surplus lends unique branding to your event:

7. Codec

Featuring a variety of font weights and styles, Codec is a fun and festive font that’s perfect for festival posters (created by Zetafonts Foundry):

8. Morganite

This font by Rajesh Rajput suggests strength, power and authority  perfect for a business event poster, concerts and stage performances:

9. Tarif

Featuring Arabic weights, Tarif is a fun and quirky font that’s sure to command attention for your event (created by Zetafonts Foundry):

10. Peace Sans

Tranquil yet exciting, Peace Sans is a bold font that will make your event poster headline stand out (designed by Sergey Rayadovoy and Ivan Gladkikh):

11. Armes

This font is pure visual excitement. Created by Cagatay Han, Armes is fun and engaging so it’s sure to attract eyes no matter where you place your event posters:

12. Ghost Cove

Mysterious and provocative, Ghost Cove is a uniquely light and minimalist font that lends sophistication and intrigue to your event poster (created by Font Free):

13. Liquido

This wavy, mesmerizing font crafted by Alessandro Comotti is perfect for watery events, summer fun and any event that has an air of mystery:

14. Atlantis

Crafted by font designer Deezy, this inline grunge font offers stark contrast to most event posters so it can help your event stand out from the crowd:

15. Reef

A rounded font that could also be used in your poster body copy, Reef offers a subdued appearance that suggests class and prestige with a touch of fun (designed by Gatis Vilaks, Evita Vilaka and WildOnes Design):

Best event poster body fonts

While headline fonts can be heavily styled, event poster body fonts should be clean and easy to read. That doesn’t mean you need to settle for standard (and, frankly, boring) fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial. Consider these fonts for your event poster body copy.

16. Geometria Light

Classy lines and subdued serifs add an elegant appearance to this font designed by Brownfox:

17. Gangster Grotesk

Inspired by Grotesk typefaces prevalent in the 1920’s, this font by Fresh Fonts is simple yet elegant  perfect for lending a unique appearance to your poster body text:

18. Cloud Sans

A modern font available in multiple weights to match the mood and tone of any poster (designed by Typomancer):

19. Anodina

Interesting lowercase heights and sophisticated curves lend an intriguing aesthetic to this font designed by Stefano Giliberti:

20. Museo Sans

Infinitely popular in both print and digital design, you can’t go wrong with Museo Sans for your event poster body copy (created by Eljbris):

21. Typewalk Mono 1915

Want to lend a vintage typewriter grotesque vibe to your event poster body? Give this font crafted by Sven Fuchs a try:

22. Archia

Crafted by atipo, this unconventional font blends geometric shapes with a modern tech aesthetic:

23. Kayak Sans

Available in three weights and six styles, Kayak Sans is an interesting and comprehensive font that can be used for subheads and body copy in your event poster (created by Jack Harvatt):

24. Aller

This humanist font lends a contemporary look to sans serif fonts. It’s perfect for blocks of text within your event poster (designed by Dalton Maag Ltd.):

25. Public Sans

A fantastic all-around font for your event poster, Public Sans is perfect for poster body copy with its strong, neutral aesthetic (crafted by USWDS):

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