5 real estate postcard marketing tips that sell homes

September 4, 2019

Postcard marketing is a powerful strategy for real estate agents who are looking for new clients, more listings and increased sales. Real estate postcard marketing isn’t new – just about every agent occasionally sends postcards that showcase their featured homes – but you can take your postcards (and your business) to the next level with the following five real estate postcard marketing tips that sell homes.

1. Boost ROI with smart targeting

Direct-mail postcards make it easy to target potential real estate clients. Rather than blanket your entire community with postcards (a tactic that wastes money), intelligently target people who are likely to buy or sell a home soon.

Identify recent trends in your community. Are people in a certain apartment complex buying homes? Are 40-something couples with children who earn more than $250,000 moving from certain neighborhoods to another neighborhood? If you can recognize trends, you can target your postcard marketing to people who are ready to buy or sell.

Look for unique opportunities. Is a new housing development going up in your city? Determine who is likely to move there, then target your postcards to people who share their demographics.

Which neighborhoods currently have the most turnover? There’s a reason multiple homes are being bought or sold in a given area. Determine the reason, then send Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcards to those neighborhoods.

Smart targeting allows you to minimize your investment yet yield greater results - an improved ROI that puts more money in your pocket.

real estate postcard template

2. Take the pain out of buying and selling

What are your clients’ pain points, and how can you solve their problems? Use postcard marketing to illustrate how you can make the buying and selling experience pain-free.

For example, perhaps you handle the entire marketing process: listing, photography, virtual tours, open houses and other perks. Maybe you offer a flat commission model that facilitates sales. Perhaps you have a broker in-house who can help get deals done fast. Or, you might have a track record for quick sales.

Given the choice between an agent who is marketing a specific home versus an agent who promises to make it easy to find the perfect home for you, which would you choose? Use postcard marketing to show potential clients you're here to help.

You should also differentiate yourself from competitors. Do you specialize in luxury homes? Rental properties? Homes that can be flipped for profit? Perhaps you cater exclusively to buyers or sellers; or, you might only represent commercial investment properties.

Use your postcard to tell potential clients how you can take the pain out of buying and selling homes, then differentiate yourself from competitors. Ultimately, your goal is to convince clients you’re the absolute best agent to represent them.

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3. Include testimonials

Print postcards that showcase past clients and feature their testimonials to foster trust - an important part of real estate marketing. Direct quotes that double as case studies can help new clients relate to you and draw their own conclusions that you’re the best option for their specific needs.

For example, you might send a postcard that showcases a family you just helped move into a new, larger, nicer home. Include a photo of the family in their new home along with a testimonial other clients will relate to.

It might read: “We’re so thrilled our agent found us the perfect home! We wanted a comfortable, family home with a large yard close to a good school. She listened to our needs, found exactly what we were looking for and negotiated a price within our budget - all in less than a month. Thank you!”

real estate postcard templates

4. Add a compelling CTA

What should potential clients do after they receive your postcard? Sure, they can call, text or email – and you should make those options available – but you should also highlight a call to action that creates desire and motivates them to take the next step in the home buying or selling process.

Real estate postcard CTA ideas include:

  • Ready to sell? Get your open house checklist here (a URL that leads to an opt-in form so you can send follow-up emails)
  • Pictures don’t do justice to this magnificent home – see what makes it so special with our virtual tour! (a URL that leads to an online, mobile-friendly virtual tour)
  • Find the perfect home with our free app. Filter by price, size, neighborhood and more. Get it in the app store!
  • Looking for investment property? Let the commercial real estate expert find it. Shoot me a text at 555-555-5555 and I’ll get to work!

Your CTA should create excitement and reinforce the idea that you’re the best real estate agent for your clients’ specific needs.

real estate postcard marketing

5. Use timing to your advantage

More homes are sold from May to August than any other period, so many experts advise agents to mail postcards during those months. That’s good advice, but it’s not the only time you should send postcards.

First, consider that people who list their homes in May have probably been thinking about selling for months. They might already have an agent by the time May rolls around. You can use postcards to target those people earlier in the year, before they even consider other agents.

Next, just because the summer months are hot for homes doesn’t mean real estate isn’t bought and sold during other months. Repetition is key: the more often you send postcards, the more likely it is you’ll get the call when people are ready to buy or sell – no matter what time of year it is.

Finally, opportunities can be presented at any time of the year. If new lakeside condos are being built, now is the time to reach out to the seller and work to find buyers. Is your area experiencing an economic downturn? It might be a good idea to send postcards to landlords who are interested in investing at lower prices.

Ready to use these tips to grow your real estate business? Get started today with our free real estate postcard templates (they make it easy to design your own postcard online) plus real estate postcard printing at discount prices!

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