10 holiday print marketing ideas for restaurants

December 9, 2019

Looking for restaurant holiday marketing ideas that work? Print marketing is a proven strategy that puts promotions in customers’ hands, without any digital distractions. Boost holiday sales with these ten proven restaurant holiday marketing ideas.

1. Print a special holiday menu

Many restaurants serve special entrées, desserts and drinks for the holidays. Promote your holiday treats with a special holiday menu. Feature full-color images that entice patrons to try your limited-time dishes and drinks — a great way to increase your average ticket during the holiday season.

Holiday menus not in the budget? Print stickers that advertise your holiday specials and affix them to your regular menus.

2. Print table tents that feature your holiday specials

Table tent printing is another great way to promote your holiday dishes. You can also use them to advertise upcoming events, catering services and special event hosting. Or, push restaurant gift certificates during the holidays  they make fantastic gifts and are a great way to get customers back in your door.

3. Send targeted postcards

Direct-mail postcards make it easy to reach a targeted audience that’s likely to visit your restaurant. You can send postcards to your house list, a list targeted by demographics, such as age and income, or send Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcards to everyone in your zip code. Use postcards to advertise limited-time holiday offers and additional services such as catering and event rentals for holiday parties.

Free restaurant postcard template, customizable with PsPrint’s online design tool

4. Sell gift cards

Gift cards are popular holiday gifts. They’re worth more than face value, too, since most customers will bring friends and family along and spend more than the card amount. Promote gift cards with table tents, postcards, flyers, window clings and banners.

5. Advertise with window clings

If your restaurant is in a busy shopping area, window clings are affordable marketing tools that invite hungry shoppers in for meal. Create a fun, attention-getting holiday design and highlight limited-time offers (or the fact that you have hot coffee to warm shoppers on a chilly day).

6. Maximize reach with vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are affordable marketing tools that can put your restaurant in front of hundreds or even thousands of people every day. You can place banners outside your restaurant and along busy roads and intersections. Use them to advertise your holiday specials, upcoming events, hall rentals or catering services.

7. Send holiday thank-you cards

Design custom holiday thank-you cards and send them to your best customers. If possible, add a handwritten note to add a personalized touch they’ll appreciate. You can also include a gift certificate or gift card; either way, your sentiment will be appreciated and help foster long-term customer loyalty.

Free holiday card template, customizable with PsPrint’s online design tool

8. Hand flyers out on the street

If you’re in a busy entertainment district, you can deploy a street team armed with flyers to hand out on busy evenings and weekends. If a concert venue is nearby, have them hand coupons or event flyers to people going in and out of the event. The idea is to catch people while they’re hungry and ready to settle down for dinner or a nightcap.

9. Stay top of mind with magnets

If you offer carryout or delivery, refrigerator magnets are a great way to promote your restaurant every time your audience opens the fridge. Print your full menu or special holiday deals on refrigerator magnets and hand them to customers or send them via direct mail.

10. Upsell with coasters

Print custom coasters that feature your holiday drinks, desserts and other treats. Add a special limited time offer to influence customers to give your holiday specials a try. Or, use coasters to advertise upcoming events such as holiday parties, catering services or holiday rentals for Christmas parties.

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