12 days of Christmas promotion ideas

November 25, 2019

Looking for fun Christmas marketing ideas that motivate sales? Consider running a 12 days of Christmas promotion. It’s a great way to engage your customers and cash in on the power of repetition. Get started with these 12 days of Christmas promotion ideas.

1. Promote a new product each day

Instead of offering all of your Christmas deals at once, showcase a different product each day. Doing so encourages customers to check in daily and boosts sales with time-limited offers that customers won’t want to miss out on.

2. Target a different customer persona each day

Show customers that you understand them with special daily deals that cater to specific customer personas or needs. One day you might discount products that make great gifts for parents, another day you might showcase toys for children and another day you might market your best Secret Santa gifts. And don't forget about last-minute shoppers!

3. Promote experiences

Think about all the different ways your products can help customers create holiday memories. It’s not just about gifts: People want to throw successful Christmas parties, travel safely over the holidays and prepare for the new year. You can launch a 12 days of Christmas promotion that focuses on a different experience each day.

4. Partner with others

Identify non-competing businesses who share your audience base and team up for a promotion. Local businesses might pool funds to market downtown holiday shopping, for example, while e-commerce businesses might agree to send emails promoting one another  a new business each day over 12 days.

5. Thank your best customers

Promote a special 12 days of Christmas customer appreciation sale and invite your best customers to take advantage of your deals or find the perfect gifts for their loved ones (or themselves). An air of exclusivity can be a big draw if your customers feel appreciated.

Promote your 12 days of Christmas sales with print marketing

Print marketing is a powerful way to promote your 12 days of Christmas sales. Unlike digital advertising, print doesn’t get ignored by web browsers or shut down by ad blockers. It’s tangible and lends a sense of quality and trust  a great way to foster holiday sales for your business. Start with these 12 days of Christmas print marketing ideas.

Poster for Urban Air Market designed by Trina Spiller Design

1. Postcards

Postcards make it easy to reach customers. You can send postcards based on demographics — such as age, gender, income and interests  or reach local audiences with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcards.

2. Banners

Place banners outside your storefront and in strategic locations, such as high-traffic intersections, to promote your 12 days of Christmas sales. Create excitement by inviting your audience to stop in to see the deal of the day.

3. Flyers

Place flyers in prominent public places such as grocery store bulletin boards. Hand them out to window shoppers in retail districts. Fold and mail them to market your Christmas deals to targeted audiences. If you’re partnering with local businesses, you can even print maps that encourage shoppers to visit each location. Or, insert flyers in local newspapers and kick off your Black Friday sales.

4. Door hangers

Willing to brave the cold? You can save on postage and reach targeted neighborhoods with door hangers. They’re impossible to ignore and won’t get lost in the mix of “junk” mail.

5. Catalogs

Catalogs are a Christmas marketing staple and a fantastic way to put your products in front of customers. They’re attractive and often shared between families and friends. Devote a section of your catalog to your 12 days of Christmas deals to boost sales.

6. Magnets

Print magnets that feature your daily holiday deals, then distribute them to customers in your store, via email and in partner storefronts. It’s a great way to ensure your 12 days of Christmas promotions are top of mind every time your audience opens the fridge.

7. Window clings

If you have a storefront in a busy retail district, window clings are attractive and cost effective ways to promote your Christmas deals. Put up a different window cling each day; or, print a single window cling that invites window shoppers in to check out your daily specials.

8. Calendars

Print calendars that start with December and list your 12 days of Christmas deals at the top. Put calendars in customers’ hands early and they’ll hang them on their walls or set them on their desks. The best part? When the holidays are over, you still get to market your products for an entire year.

9. Stickers and hang tags

Call in-store shoppers' attentions to your deals with stickers and hang tags. Place them on your sales items to motivate impulse purchases near your cash register.

10. Greeting cards and invitation cards

Print custom greeting cards and invitation cards, then send them to your in-house customer list to thank them for their business and invite them to take advantage of exclusive holiday deals. It’s a great way to show customers you care, reward them with a discount offer and boost Christmas sales.

Ready to earn more holiday sales with a fun and customer friendly 12 days of Christmas promotion? Maximize your ROI with discount printing today!

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