Take your marketing outside this summer with flyers

May 1, 2019

Warming weather provides an opportunity to take your marketing outdoors, and flyer printing is a low-cost yet highly-effective way to do it. The following details how you can take your marketing outside with flyers.

Flyers are powerful (and affordable) outdoor marketing tools

Street-level and place-based advertising are two of the most effective strategies for putting your products, services and brand in front of a large audience. In fact, the Out Of Home Advertising Association of America cites a Nielsen study that found that 53 percent of U.S. residents age 16 or older noticed street-level advertising within the past 30 days, and 63 percent noticed place-based advertising.

It’s clear that reaching potential customers in their environments is a winning marketing strategy, and flyers excel at it. Flyers can be placed anywhere your audience frequents, so you can simultaneously market to the masses and target ultra-niche locations.

The best part? Flyer printing is affordable so you can blanket a geographic location without breaking the bank.

flyer printing

Club card flyer design by R.Black for SF IndieFest’s Roller Disco

How to develop a winning flyer

Yield excellent results with these flyer marketing tips that motivate response.

  • Be different and get noticed: Incorporate interesting, bold headlines and unique images to make your flyers stand out and get noticed – the first step in attracting attention. You can also consider printing die-cut flyers for a unique look that can’t be ignored
  • Keep it simple: Don’t overload your flyers with information. Instead, make sure they’re easy to read and understand at a glance
  • List benefits: What benefits will customers get when they follow up? How will you solve their problems and make their lives better? Your flyers should make this abundantly clear to increase desire
  • Deliver a special offer: Sweeten the deal with a limited-time special offer. If you’re promoting a fashion store, include a discount coupon. Attracting patrons to your restaurant? Offer a free dessert or buy-one-get-one entrée
  • Add a call to action: Restate your primary benefit and/or unique selling proposition, then tell your audience exactly what they need to do next to take advantage of your special offer
  • Tie everything together with great design: Your flyer design should command attention, and it should also lead customers’ eyes through major benefits to your call to action. Images and illustrations should reinforce your messages. Colors and design styles should lend excitement, foster trust and help create desire
  • Print premium flyers: Customers equate the quality of your brand, products and services with the quality of your marketing materials. Print premium flyers to lend an impression of quality that can be trusted

die-cut flyer printing

Die-cut flyer designed by Kruhu for Stone Roastery

Best outdoor flyer placement options

It’s important to choose the best flyer distribution for your campaign. You can place flyers in high-traffic areas for mass marketing  a great strategy if your product has mass appeal or if you want to catch potential customers in the crowd — such as bus stops, on telephone poles and community bulletin boards.

You can place event and club flyers in highly targeted locations you know your audience will be: at a rock concert or local festival, for example. You can hand flyers out on the street to capture customers at just the right time: For example, a flyer that promotes a local club can be handed out on Saturday nights in busy entertainment districts. Consider unique and unusual places for flyer distribution that can capture audience attention such as on outdoor vending machines or public park benches.

Think about where you can reach your audience and how timing can motivate them to take the next step in the purchasing process. In addition, consider how branding through mass flyer distribution can influence customer decisions when it’s time to buy. Use these considerations to pick the best places for flyer marketing.

If you’re still not sure where to place flyers, get inspired with these outdoor spots for powerful marketing and flyer distribution ideas that put your message in customers’ hands.

Ready to heat up sales with outdoor flyer marketing? Do it for less and maximize your ROI with premium discount flyer printing today!

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