Why your business needs pocket folders

April 10, 2019

Think pocket folders are just fancy ways to keep your marketing collateral in one place? Think again. Pocket folder printing will help you gain a competitive edge that yields more sales. The following details why your business needs pocket folders.

Pocket folders influence customer decisions

Presentation is critical to marketing success, and pocket folders are the pinnacles of presentation (there’s a reason they’re also called presentation folders). Pocket folders suggest success, authority and credibility – all factors in customer decision-making.

Pocket folders are perfect for putting all your print collateral in one place – brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, sales sheets, booklets, case studies, press releases, digital media and more – but they’re far more than simple storage tools. Pocket folders are tangible representations of your brand; they showcase your company’s benefits and inspire the customer confidence needed to close sales.

Amp up your pocket folder presentation with unique die-cut shapes that lend branding power or take customers through the buying journey by staggering the height of inserts front-to-back. From trade shows takeaways and direct-mailers to boardrooms and kitchen tables, pocket folders are strong sales tools that put a spotlight on your company.

pocket folder printing

Pocket folder covers for Craft Beer Guild Distributors of New York and Datameer

Pocket folders generate media coverage

Pocket folders are powerful weapons in your crusade for positive PR. Put yourself in a staff writer’s shoes: are you more likely to cover the company that emailed a single press release, or the company that took the time to prepare a press kit packed with useful information and resources that make your job easy?

Mail press kits to journalists and influencers who cover your industry, then follow up with an email or phone call to make sure they received it and offer to answer questions. Your press kit can be promotional, but it can also serve as a helpful resource media members can reference for their articles – a proven strategy for generating coverage.

Whether you’re a brand promoting a new product or service to a national audience or a band rolling into town to promote an upcoming concert to local radio stations, pocket folders make powerful press kits that command attention.

print pocket folders

Pocket folders for Academia de Mi Abuela and Savoy Associates (by Helen Assinnari)

Pocket folders generate upsells and cross-sells

Pocket folders are also excellent ways to generate upsells and cross-sells. When you earn a new customer or sale, package important customer service information such as instruction manuals and warranties in a branded pocket folder. Since customers are likely to hold on to these materials, it presents an excellent opportunity to add promotional tools that yield even more sales.

For example, an HVAC company that sells an air conditioning unit might print pocket folders that include not only the manual and warranty but also a magnet or brochure that outlines its monthly service plans and emergency services. A motorcycle dealer might print a pocket folder that includes an accessory catalog, a sticker for branding and a coupon for a discount oil change.

Brainstorm items you can include in your pocket folders, so they’re valuable to both your customers and your business, and you’ll enjoy additional sales after the sale.

Ready to give your business a competitive edge? Download free pocket folder layout templates and take advantage of discount pocket folder printing today!

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