Does my business really need stationery?

March 6, 2019

Does your business really need stationery? How much do letterhead, envelopes and other printed stationery really help your business succeed? The answers are “yes” and “a lot.” The following details why successful businesses worldwide print stationery.

A tale of two mailers

Let’s say you receive two sales letters from competing companies, each trying to sell you their version of Gadget XYZ.

Mailer No. 1 comes in a generic store-bought envelope. Your name and address are printed on a blank sticker — the type you’d find at any office supply store. Inside the envelope is a sales letter printed on standard computer paper. The paper is thin and flimsy, and the only design is a black-and-white logo printed at the top.

Mailer No. 2 comes in a thick envelope featuring a full-color logo printed on 80 lb. brilliant white linen paper. Your name and address are printed directly on the envelope. Inside the envelope is a sales letter printed on matching white linen paper stock. The paper feels strong and important in your hands and is adorned with a professional design: a full-color logo in the header, a color footer, social media icons, awards won and a strong tagline.

Which company are you going to take seriously?

Even though both companies might be offering the same solution at the same price point, most people will choose the company that markets with professionally printed stationery.

 free letterhead template

Free letterhead template on PsPrint

Stationery suggests quality

Stationery helps you make a strong first impression on potential customers, who equate the quality of your marketing materials with the quality of your brand, products and services. Studies have shown that thicker, heavier paper stocks influence sales. They suggest authority, importance and trustworthiness.

If you’re printing letterhead, opt for a premium paper stock such as 70 lb. white, 24 lb. smooth, brilliant white 80 lb. linen or natural white 80 lb. linen, along with matching envelopes. These paper stocks help inks pop off the paper and feature satisfying, tactile sensations to lend a compelling dynamic to your presentation.

 free envelope sealer sticker template

Free envelope sealer sticker template on PsPrint

Stationery makes a statement

Branding is critical to long-term marketing success, and high-quality stationery coupled with unique stationery design helps differentiate your brand from competitors. Stationery makes a statement about your brand. It helps tell a story that resonates with your audience.

Inferior stationery repels potential customers, while premium stationery fosters trust, creates desire and promotes excitement. When customers compare apples-to-apples, the company with the better marketing tools will win.

 free envelope template

Free envelope template on PsPrint

Stationery sells through repetition

Stationery isn’t limited to letterhead printing. You should print letterhead for your business, certainly, but a complete stationery set also includes branded envelopes, business cards, presentation folders, notepads, memo pads, address labels, envelope sealer stickers, invoices, estimates, pens and pencils.

Business cards are perfect networking tools. Presentation folders help deliver information in an attractive, organized fashion and can even assist with closing sales.

Letterhead, envelopes, address labels, stickers, invoices and estimates lend a professional touch to your brand. Promotional items such as notepads, memo pads, pens and pencils are used frequently and can command attention from prospects as well as their colleagues, friends and families.

The more people are exposed to your brand, the more likely they will be to contact you when they need what you sell. In this manner, repetition is a powerful marketing strategy afforded by stationery printing.

 free business card template

Free business card template on PsPrint

Stationery is affordable

You don’t need to break the bank to outperform your competitors; in fact, you can print premium stationery at discount prices, so it takes minimal investment to introduce this compelling marketing tool into your marketing strategy. For example, you can print 1,000 sheets of letterhead for around $100. Add matching envelopes and your total will come to around $125.

You don’t even need to spring for stationery design: PsPrint offers free envelope, sticker, business card and letterhead templates. Simply use the free online design tool to point-and-click your way to a custom stationery design that features your own logo, brand colors and text.

Ready to promote your company in style, influence customer perceptions and motivate sales? Get started with premium stationery printing at discount prices today.

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