Why outdated marketing materials cost sales

January 22, 2019

How long has it been since you printed new business cards, brochures, booklets and other marketing tools? If it’s been several years, your outdated marketing materials could be costing you sales. Though it’s tempting (and easy) to keep the same marketing tools year after year, failing to update your design and copy can put your business at risk  especially when competitors are always trying to deliver a better presentation. The following lists seven reasons why outdated marketing tools cost sales and how you can stay competitive with modern marketing materials.

1. Dated design repels customers

People respond to fresh, exciting designs that lend the impression your company can deliver contemporary solutions to modern problems. Dated design suggests you’re stuck in the past. It’s visually unappealing and will likely turn customers away before they can read your copy or offer  no matter how compelling you think it is.

Give your marketing materials a modern makeover that will help convince customers you have the perfect solutions for today’s problems. Print attractive business cards to hand out to prospects, print informative booklets with contemporary advice your audience will appreciate and print brochures that showcase why you’re the best solution for their problems.

2. Inaccurate information creates confusion

Old brochures might list products or services you no longer offer. Old business cards might have your old phone number or email address. Old booklets and other marketing materials might promote special offers you no longer honor. In each case, customers can quickly become confused, disappointed or even angry.

Make sure your marketing materials are up-to-date with recent and accurate information about your products and services, your contact info and any latest offers to avoid losing customers when it’s time to close the deal.

3. Poor paper quality lends poor impressions

Old paper can become brittle and lose its luster. Customers can see and feel the quality of your paper, and when it looks and feels old, so does your company. Updating your marketing materials means printing on new paper stocks that look and feel incredible  and studies have shown that customers equate the quality of your marketing materials with the quality of your company, brand, products and services.

Print updated marketing tools on modern paper stocks designed to make colors pop and to deliver memorable sensations: brochures printed on velvet paper with soft-touch coating, for example, or textured linen paper stock. Ultra business cards are printed on triple-thick paper that features an attractive band of edge color. Booklets can be printed with thick high-gloss cover pages that lend a high-quality impression.

Don’t underestimate the role printing plays in presentation: It can make or break even the most brilliant design.

4. Inconsistent branding loses value

You’ve worked hard to establish the value of your brand in the marketplace but, if you’re still marketing with dated materials, it’s likely your branding is inconsistent. An old brochure might have an old logo. An old business card might still feature your tagline from ten years ago. When your branding is inconsistent, your brand loses value.

Make sure all your marketing features consistent branding, from print to digital marketing such as websites, email and social media. Doing so maintains brand integrity and increases the value of your brand, which in turn leads to customer confidence and sales.

5. Old marketing strategies fail to attract new customers

The world is consistently evolving, and your marketing strategies must evolve with it. Millennials don't respond to marketing the same way baby boomers do. If you want to stay strong and relevant so your business can grow, you need to update your marketing copy, images and branding so you’re not only able to keep your current customer base but also attract new customers.

Identify what motivates contemporary audiences to take the next step in the purchasing process, whether it’s contacting you or making a direct purchase. Use those insights to give your marketing tools a makeover designed to increase your response rates and return on investment.

6. Dated contact information loses customers

Most people know business cards should include your phone number and email address, but modern customers want to know other ways they can reach you. Unless you’re in an industry that uses it extensively, ditch the fax number and replace it with your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Instagram handle.

Adding social media to your contact information suggests you’re tuned in to modern customers. It gives different types of customers multiple contact options so they can feel comfortable approaching you (besides, print-to-digital is a powerful marketing strategy). Moreover, social media contact information gives you an opportunity to show prospects what you’re all about  for example, they might check your Twitter account, discover how knowledgeable you are and decide to do business with you.

7. Your competitors are trying to beat you

Recognize that your competitors are always seeking ways to deliver a better presentation than you, which means they’re updating their marketing tools with modern design and printing to convince customers to buy from them instead of you.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by studying their marketing efforts, then working to outdo them. Everything else being equal, customers are likely to choose the business that has the best presentation. Make sure that’s you by printing new marketing materials that feature modern design.

Don’t let outdated marketing materials cost you sales this year. Instead, evaluate your marketing tools and decide which need a makeover. You don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel: If you have a brochure or booklet that performs well, it might just need a boost with modern typography and images. When you’re ready to bring your brand up-to-date, do it for less with high-quality printing at discount prices!

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