Hot Off the Press: Redwood Day School, Rock Scissor Paper and More

I mentioned last month that it’s never too early to plan for the winter holidays. Sure enough, despite it being the middle of summer, this week’s collection of printing inspiration includes calendars and even a season’s greetings card. While you might sneer at these eager beavers, it may not hurt to take a cue from them, either.

Start brainstorming now for your holiday marketing, whether it’s for your annual newsletter, calendar handout, snail-mail cards or gift catalogs. By starting promotion plans early, you have time to hold practice photo shoots, try out different graphic designs as well as write copy and put it on the back burner to let it simmer a bit. I always find it takes a few passes before the wording and other elements fit just right in any marketing collateral.

Speaking of holidays and gifts, did you see last week’s “Hot Off the Press”? PsPrint is the printer for new company Do Your Park, whose magnets chastising incompetent vehicle parkers would make a terrific present for the impatient driver in your life.

Greeting card cover for Rock Scissor Paper


Calendar cover design by Derek Clark for Redwood Day School


Postcard for New Life Church


Business card design by Tyson Schroeder for Conscious Construction


Poster design by Jessi Koritz for Planet of the Grapes


Postcard design by Annemarie Henning for American Cancer Society Discovery Shop


Business card design by TaSin Sabir


Postcard by Coleen Patterson Design for Make Oakland Better Now!


Sticker for Vertical Adventure


Postcard design by Melody Stone for Downtown and Vine


Business card design by Mary Lawing for KMason Photography


Postcard design by Francois Simard for “Rewind This!” film


Brochure cover design by Soraya Chase Clow for International Association of Sufism


Business card for BelAir Cantina Tosa


Calendar cover design by Aaron Maines for Camden’s Charter School Network


Postcard for Diaper Dude


Postcard for Vintage Paper Fair


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    [...] Here are my new business cards (front and back). It’s the hardest thing to pick two photos out of the millions that I have, or maybe it’s billions? Somehow I was able to make a decision. Even better news is that, after the pain and suffering of picking two photos that hopefully will make anyone who sees them want to hire me (wink wink), the printer sends me and email saying: “Hi TaSin. I write for the PsPrint Blog and I came across the business cards you ordered. I’d love to include them in a blog series that showcases neat design printed here at PsPrint.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell how excited I was to get that email. Well the blog is up and you can check it here [...]

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