10 ways print marketing earns repeat business

February 20, 2019

Repeat business is crucial to long-term success  80 percent of future profits are generated by 20 percent of your customers, and a 5 percent increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25 to 95 percent. Try print marketing to keep customers coming back and to grow your business.

1. Loyalty rewards cards

Print loyalty rewards cards to offer an incentive for repeat purchases. For example, you might offer a freebie or major discount once a given customer has made 10 purchases within six months. Stamp the card every time they buy so they can see their progress — this form of gamification can boost sales significantly.

2. Direct-mailers

Print postcards with special VIP offers for your existing customers. For example, if you’re a retail business, you can print catalogs packed with your seasonal merchandise along with a coupon code. Or, consider greeting card printing for a personalized touch that can foster long-term customer loyalty  after all, people prefer to do business with other people.

 free postcard template

Check out free postcard templates from PsPrint’s online design tool.

3. Package inserts

If you operate an eCommerce store or you’re a cataloger, you should print package inserts and place them in every shipment. Package inserts are a powerful way to introduce your customers to complementary products they’re likely to be interested in. Add an exclusive discount to sweeten the deal.

4. Booklets

Packed with valuable content your customers will reference time and again, print booklets make powerful marketing materials. Try creating how-to guides, cookbooks and planners. Pepper your content with your products and services to illustrate how you can help, drawing customers to you whenever they flip through your booklets.

5. Retail bag flyers

Print flyers to stuff in retail bags or boxes customers take home. Your flyers can feature complementary products, coupons or exclusive time-limited sales. You can also use the opportunity to ask customers to subscribe to your email newsletter or follow you on social media, so you have more ways to connect with them.

6. Refrigerator magnets

Put your business in your customers’ sights whenever they go to the fridge with magnet printing. Your magnets can feature seasonal discounts, ongoing coupon codes, menus and more to motivate repeat business.

 free magnet template

Check out magnet templates from PsPrint’s online design tool

7. Takeout menus

Operate a restaurant, pizzeria or takeout? Try printing menus so customers can explore options easily, or distribute menus with every delivery or carryout order. Add coupon codes to influence repeat orders.

8. Calendars

Calendar printing keeps your brand in front of customers year-round, and you can take calendars to the next level by adding seasonal coupon codes and special offers each month. Calendars are useful, and when you choose a theme that resonates with your customers, they’re likely to display them on their walls and desks.

9. Newsletters

Print newsletters to mail to customers on a regular basis. They're an opportunity to deliver valuable content that establishes your authority and builds trust in your business. Showcase real customers and include case studies to illustrate how your products and services solve problems and make life better.

10. Dedicated branding

Be part of your customers’ community. What are they passionate about? Attend the same events and consider sponsoring them. Print vinyl banners, hand out stickers and make it clear you’re cut from the same cloth. When people view your brand as part of their world, they’re likely to become lifelong customers.

At every stage, print marketing provides a powerful way to earn repeat business. When you're ready to leverage it and maximize your ROI, try discount printing services

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