Coaster marketing isn’t just for bars and restaurants: Reach your customers in their favorite places

May 8, 2019

Coaster printing is a staple marketing strategy for restaurants and bars, but you don’t need to operate an eatery or watering hole to market your business with coasters. In fact, coaster marketing can be a powerful way to put your message in front of a highly-receptive audience in their favorite establishments (and often, competition-free environments). The following details how any business can use coasters for marketing.

coaster printing

Coaster for Arcade Lancaster in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Place coasters where your customers eat and drink

Restaurants, bars and the brands that serve them (think breweries and wineries) consistently print coasters to market their dishes and drinks. It’s a great strategy because their patrons are ready to buy what they’re selling; however, customers aren’t single-minded. They’re also receptive to advertisements for other types of products and services.

In fact, coasters are excellent marketing tools because they reach customers in comfortable, relaxed spaces free from distractions – and often, free from competition, since your competitors probably aren’t engaging in coaster marketing. When your audience sits down to dine and unwind, they’re more likely to notice your messaging.

Research your customers’ lifestyles. Where do they eat and drink? Which restaurants do they frequent, and which bars and clubs do they escape to? These are primary locations to market your business with coasters, whether you own a landscaping service, sell products on an e-commerce site or offer B2B accounting software.

It’s not difficult to get restaurants and bars to distribute your coasters. Many will do it for free, so they don’t need to provide them. Others might charge a fee for guaranteed distribution; or, you can offer a partnership in which you pay for the coasters, and they get to place their ad on one side.

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Coaster by Janel Claire Design as a gift for Lisa Cannelora

Coasters give customers something to do while they wait

You can print coasters that brand your company with logos, taglines and images; or, you can make your coasters interactive and give customers something to do while they’re waiting for their meals and drinks.

For example, you can print trivia questions on your coasters – a great way to foster conversation between patrons and simultaneously promote your brand. Another idea is to add a link to an interactive quiz, family game or app they can pull up on their smartphones. Or, invite customers to participate in a sweepstakes or contest: they can post a pic and tag your brand on social media for a chance to win.

Interactive elements give you the opportunity to follow up with permission-based marketing because you can collect emails or motivate social follows right at the table or bar. Alternatively, you can print a coupon code on your coaster and encourage patrons to snap a photo of it now so they can save later.

discount coaster printing

Coaster for Go Balto designed by Kim Mason

Partner with restaurants to foster follow-up marketing opportunities

Partner with restaurants to offer incentives that motivate response. For example, you might ask customers to submit an email address in return for an instant discount on their meal. You and the restaurant can add the address to your respective email lists, and you can split the cost of the discount.

Similarly, you can request social photos, shares and tags in return for discounts or the promise of coupons that can be used on their next visit. Or, customers can “pay it forward” by sharing coupons with friends and family to encourage new visits to the restaurant and introductions to your own business.

Meet with restaurant and bar owners to develop a partnership campaign that benefits both businesses as well as patrons: a win-win-win that increases business through coaster marketing.


Coaster for Daddy Ramen

Get noticed with unique, premium-quality coaster printing

Customers equate the quality of your print marketing materials with the quality of your products and services, so it makes sense to print high-quality coasters that look amazing and stand up to beverage condensation.

Make your brand stand out with coasters that feature a color core nestled between thick, 120 lb. textured ultra white or 100 lb. light brown Kraft paper stock. Ultra white is perfect for multi-color coaster designs, while Kraft is ideal for single-color designs. You can choose between black, red, green, blue, orange and white core colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches your theme or brand.

Ready to reach customers in their favorite establishments? Do it for less and maximize your ROI with premium, discount beverage coaster printing today!

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