New year + new magnets = new business

January 10, 2019

Do you print refrigerator magnets to market your business? If not, you’re missing out on an affordable marketing idea that can increase sales year-round.

Printing fridge magnets costs about the same as postcard printing; but instead of a single use, magnets can put your message in front of likely customers every day for years. In fact, most households open the fridge at least ten times per day!

Fridge magnets are popular, too — nearly nine out of 10 people use fridge magnets, so they’re powerful promotional tools you can confidently expect to yield results.

Best of all, the new year is the perfect time to launch a magnet marketing campaign. The following details how you can print new magnets for the new year to generate new business all year long.

Make your own magnets with free magnet templates

The key to successful fridge magnet marketing: being useful

Refrigerator magnets are inherently useful. Nearly everyone uses magnets to keep important documents, reminders, photos, kids’ artwork and more on display in the kitchen. To that end, it’s important to print strong magnets that work well so your recipients will use them more than competing magnets. Magnets printed on 16-point magnetic paper stock are excellent options. 

Magnet usefulness doesn’t stop there, of course; you’ll also want your magnets to feature compelling content people will reference time and again. Try the following ideas.

Calendar/schedule magnets

It’s obvious calendars are hot items around the new year, which makes it a great time to send calendar or schedule magnets to customers and prospects. Your calendar magnets can feature your branding or other messaging over monthly dates that can quickly be referenced in the kitchen. 

Schedule magnets are perfect for new year marketing, too. Your magnets can feature nonprofit events, sports team schedules, local community events, theater performances or simply a list of important dates your customers will be interested in.

Updated directories and emergency numbers

Local directories are popular options for fridge magnet printing. Yours can include helpful emergency numbers such as the police and fire departments, poison control, gas and utility companies and other crisis hotlines. 

Alternatively, you can list local providers for a variety of services. Who’s the best plumber in town? Best pizza place? Where can people get car insurance? Your company will be included, of course; and you might even partner with other companies to split printing fees.

New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions provide plenty of content ideas for magnet marketing. Yours can feature diet and fitness plans, healthy kitchen substitutions, a list of fitness or weight loss resources and other items to satisfy fitness-minded resolutions.

Other popular resolutions include saving money and taking more time for leisure so your magnets might feature money-saving tips or vacation resources. Identify New Year’s resolutions that align with your business and customer base, then print magnets that provide helpful resources to help customers achieve their goals.

Magnet for Table 4 One


It’s a new year, and your restaurant or carryout might have a new menu. If so, fridge magnets are perfect for promoting your dishes to a prime audience: people who are hungry. 

Print magnets featuring your updated menu along with easy ways to order, and add in a coupon code to encourage repeat business.

Evergreen coupons

No matter what business you’re in, chances are you can provide customers with attractive offers year-round. One way to do it is with evergreen coupon fridge magnets. You might offer 10 percent off all purchases to anyone who uses your coupon code, for example. 

Another strategy is to have a different coupon code for each month or season. For example, a home supply store might offer a deal on leaf blowers in the fall and snowblowers in the winter.

Event save-the-dates

Does your organization host an annual event? If so, the new year is a great time to ensure it’s top-of-mind all year long. Print save-the-date magnets that promote your event and feature key dates: when tickets go on sale, early bird pricing dates, a website URL for information and more.

Magnet for Blackhawk Museum

Kids photo frames

As mentioned, people love to display their children’s artwork and schoolwork on their refrigerators. You can give them a fun way to do it with die-cut magnets that serve as fun borders. Parents and kids alike will love using your magnets, which of course will also prominently display your branding.

Dry erase magnets

You can print blank white glossy magnets featuring your brand to serve as dry erase boards for refrigerators. Give them to customers along with dry erase markers for a fun promotional giveaway they’ll use every day.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your new year magnet marketing ideas. The more useful your magnets, the more likely they are to be used — and noticed — every single day by a pool of likely customers. You can even design your own magnets online with our free magnet templates and online design tool. Get started today with discount fridge magnet printing!

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