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3 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Card Promotions

Valentine’s Day may not be a national holiday, but thanks to our friends at Hallmark Cards and Hershey’s Chocolate, it’s a BIG holiday.

If you …

Make Your Own Calendar

Making your own calendar is fun and a great way to promote a small business. Giving away a free calendar to customers and prospects is …

Printing Perfect Stationery

Both business and personal stationery can do wonders to improve your relationships. There’s just something about receiving a unique handwritten note within a whirlwind of …

3 Brochure Design Tips

A printed brochure usually comes in to play as a take-away to leave with clients, after a formal face-to-face meeting, or it is a part of a direct mail package which may include a letter and other written materials.

The job of the brochure is to reinforce the selling points of the product or service and to provide some visuals that the customer cannot get from a letter or a conversation.

10 Ambient Marketing Campaigns for Design Inspiration

When you design a poster, mailing, or business collateral for a client, do you think about where it’s going to appear? The space and environment …

4 Green Marketing Tips

The words “sustainability and “green” are on the tip of every marketer’s tongue. But a lot of green marketing is just smoke and mirrors and branding.

Below are four ways for marketers to truly make a difference in their campaigns.

Organize Your Office for The New Year

t doesn’t have to be your official New Year’s Resolution, but creating a more organized work space is a must for starting 2010 off on the right foot.

Whether you work from a home-office or a cubicle or office in a shared commercial space- thoughtful filing, appointment setting and supplies can all help you achieve more focus and efficiency while working.

4 Links for Letterhead Inspiration

New Year’s is a time for reflection — thinking about the past year and how you can improve or reinvent yourself or your business in some way. It is also a time for sending letters, greeting cards and all manner of correspondence to friends, associates and family.

3 Tips for Using Business Reply Mail

While a website or a toll free telephone number are both excellent channels for receiving response to direct mail, a mail response card can also add a lift to your response. That’s because many people find it easiest to reply via the channel the marketing effort arrived in.

3 Tips for Multichannel Mailings

Ok so you’ve got a great quote on a print job and want to send out a direct mail campaign. Well, whether it’s a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer mailing, you’re going to want to give some thought to developing online components that work with your printed piece.

3 Tips for Wedding Save-the-Date Cards

A wedding save-the-date card is sent out after a formal engagement announcement and before a formal wedding invitation. So, the save-the-date card is a way for couples to be creative and have some fun without all the regulations and fussiness of the other two communications.

Design Interview: Offering ‘Hybrid’ Graphic Design Services

From talking to colleagues in the design field, it sounds as though the title ‘Graphic Designer’ is expanding to include tons of other responsibilities in areas as varied as e-mail deployment, marketing and print and online production.

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