Banner marketing tips for sizzling summer sales

June 13, 2019

Banners are versatile summer marketing tools that work to promote your summer sales. Banner marketing returns $5.97 for every dollar invested. Use the following tips to print banners for sizzling summer sales.

1. Print the right size banners

Bigger is almost always better. Large banners stand out in any environment and command attention for your summer sales. It doesn’t cost much to go big. For example, you can print 4-foot by 8-foot banners for around $90 each. Want to go even bigger? You can get 6-foot by 10-foot banners for about $165 each.

Though big banners are often best, there are times when you need to limit banner size based on the environment and local regulations. For example, if you’re placing a banner on the side of a building, the building owner might have size restrictions.

You should also consider customer perspective: where will your audience see your banners? If they’ll read them while speeding along a road, large banners can be viewed from a distance. If your banners will be placed in a downtown shopping district, they should be small enough to read as people pass by on the sidewalk.

Pedal Revolution banner

Vinyl Banner for Pedal Revolution

2. Create an attention-getting and memorable banner design

Your banner design needs to be eye-catching and memorable. Attention-getting design ideas include contrasting colors, bold headlines and interesting graphics. The goal is to disrupt your audience’s visual plane, so they’re naturally drawn to your summer sales promotion.

Humorous photos and text can make your banner memorable, as can emotional designs. Strive for audience relevance, illustrate customer benefits, and create a desire for your products. For example, a fashion boutique might print banners that feature models wearing its swimsuit line to suggest that customers who buy from them will be beautiful, too.

banner printing

Vinyl Banner Design by Brittany Ross for A Cut Above Buckles

3. Keep it simple

Banners are large, so it can be tempting to fill their space with a lot of details. Resist the urge. Your banners must be noticed, read, understood and remembered in a split second, so the simpler, the better.

Use bold, easy-to-read fonts. Don’t clutter your design with images (one is enough). Use a solid background in your design, and incorporate plenty of white space to separate visual elements.

Go light on your banner text. All you need is a compelling headline that announces your summer sale and a call to action, so your audience knows what to do next.

print vinyl banners

Vinyl Banner for Imps and Monsters

4. Place banners strategically for max exposure

Consider two banner placement strategies: high traffic areas that showcase your summer sales to a vast audience; and targeted areas that reach a smaller, yet highly targeted, audience. Both strategies work and can be used together to make your banners more effective.

For example, a local grocery store that wants to promote its Independence Day sales might print vinyl banners and place them along busy roadways and intersections throughout the city it serves — providing max exposure. On the other hand, a craft beer brewery might place banners outside convenience stores that its audience frequents — providing targeted exposure.

Banner placement opportunities include intersections, utility poles (for vertical banners), walls, windows, inside retail stores and restaurants, outside your storefront, and near competitor locations. Additionally, try events like concerts, festivals, trade shows and conferences.

Consider how your banner will be viewed by your audience: Where will they see it? How will they approach it? How will your banner look from their vantage point? How will it look at night? Can you get lighting on it to make it stand out at every hour?

Use the answers to these questions to identify the best places to put banners and drive response.

Pinball Expo banner

Pacific Pinball Exposition Banner

5. Print quality banners that withstand weather

Choose a printing company that produces beautiful, eye-catching and durable banners. Durability is important because the longer your banners last, the higher your ROI. Be sure to print the best banner for your needs.

For example, 13 oz. white vinyl banners feature a gorgeous matte front-lit finish on a smooth, durable, puncture-resistant surface that’s great for general indoor and outdoor use.

If your banner will be placed in a windy location  or your area experiences summer storms  opt for a 9 oz. white mesh banner. The mesh material has small holes that prevent tearing during high winds.

Want a lightweight, flexible banner that’s easy to transport and displays beautifully indoors and out? Go with 9 oz. white woven polyester canvas banners.

Summer is the season to reach people outdoors, and banner marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your summer sales to thousands of potential customers. Get started today with discount banner printing!

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