Show customers what you've got with booklet printing

July 24, 2019

Booklet printing is a powerful way to market your products and services with a strong presentation that differentiates your business from competitors and impresses customers. The following lists ways you can show customers what you’ve got with booklet printing.

1. Booklet printing puts a spotlight on your business

When competitors are spamming with email, you can make your business stands out with high-quality booklets that get noticed and foster favorable brand impressions. Presentation is everything, and it’s tough to top booklets. Booklets feature:

  • large, full-color cover designs that command attention
  • multiple pages, so you have ample room to create desire with beautiful photos and explanatory copy
  • a handheld, tangible quality that personalizes your marketing

booklet printing

Booklet for Norse Foundry

2. Booklets make beautiful catalogs

If you’re looking for a direct-mailer that can’t be ignored, booklets are the answer. Start with a creative cover design that motivates customers to flip through your pages. Then, showcase your products with large images, descriptive text, comparison charts and even editorial pieces that position your products as the solutions to your customers’ problems.

Print perfect bind booklets to lend a premium aesthetic to your catalogs. Their bound edges suggest quality, and customers equate the quality of your marketing tools with the quality of your products. Or, save money with standard saddle-stitched booklet printing.

Either way, you can opt for a thick, full-color cover stock that stands out and feels amazing in the hands. Favorites include 100 lb. gloss cover, 13-point matte cover and 15-point velvet with soft-touch coating.

print booklets

Catalog for Two Trick Pony, designed by owner Laurie Johnston

3. Booklets foster trust and establish authority

You can print magazine-style booklets or guides that foster trust and establish your authority. Pack your booklets with useful, value-added articles your audience can use to solve problems and enhance their lives.

Your booklet content doesn’t need to be complicated. For example, a grocery store might print booklets that feature summer grilling tips and recipes. Or, a hair salon might print booklets filled with beauty and hairstyling tips. In each case, you can pepper your copy with product and service recommendations.

When you give your customers honest advice, they’ll trust your recommendations when they’re ready to buy. Of course, you can motivate quick sales with a page of time-limited coupon codes!


Booklet for Indian Hills Country Club

4. Booklets are easy to place in customers’ hands

You have plenty of options for booklet distribution. They make fantastic direct-mailers when you send them to a well-targeted audience. They can serve as leave-behinds after sales meetings. If you operate a service business, leave booklets on tables or racks in your lobby. Or, place them on kiosks and counters in grocery stores, libraries, and public locations.

Hand booklets out at trade shows and other events or send them directly to potential customers who fill out your online information request forms. If your booklets feature valuable information, it’s also likely customers will share them for powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

recipe booklet

Booklet for Razzbourne Farms designed by Emily Hall

5. Booklet printing tips

These tips will help you print booklets that get noticed and motivate response.

  • Lend an impression of quality with perfect bind booklets; they feature a bound edge that adds a premium look to your brand.
  • Or, save money with standard booklets bound with saddle stitches or wire-O, which makes it easy to handle booklets with high page counts.
  • Choose a thicker cover stock, which adds a quality aesthetic and tactile experience. Good options include 100 lb. gloss cover, 13-point matte cover and 15-point velvet with soft-touch coating. Want to go green? Opt for an eco-friendly 13-point 100 percent recycled matte cover stock.
  • Choose thinner interior paper stocks for easy page-turning and affordable mailing. Options include 100 lb. gloss text, 80 lb. gloss text, 70 lb. matte and eco-friendly 80 lb. 100 percent recycled uncoated paper stock.
  • Start with a template. Download free booklet layout templates that make it easy to keep your pages in order and your designs properly aligned so you can save a print-ready file. It’s the best way to ensure your booklets look as amazing in print as they do on your screen.

Ready to stand out from competitors, impress customers and boost sales? Maximize your ROI with discount booklet printing today!

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