That's a banner idea: How to use banners for your business

March 13, 2019

Banner marketing is a fantastic way to promote your business. Banner printing is affordable, so banners can reach a massive audience for minimal investment. In fact, every dollar spent on out-of-home advertising such as banners generates $5.97 in sales. The following details how to use banners to market your business and drive more sales.

1. Decide what to promote and the desired action

Start by identifying what you want to promote and exactly what action you want people to take once they see your banners. You might want to promote your brand and how it aligns with your customers’ goals, philosophies, and livelihoods. You can promote a month-long special offer on your products and services. You can use banners for marketing an event, or simply to remind customers you’re there.

Desired actions can be anything from committing your brand to memory or finding solidarity with your brand to visiting a website, downloading an app or stopping in your physical store.

vinyl banner printing

Vinyl banner for No Worries Filipino vegan cuisine

2. Choose banner distribution points

It’s a good idea to know where you’re going to distribute your banners before you create your design so you can cater to your audience’s environment and so you can choose the appropriate size for your design. The best banner locations depend on your audience and your goals.

For example, if you want to reach a mass audience for a minimal investment, you can place banners in high-traffic locations such as intersections and alongside busy roadways. If you want to reach a more targeted audience, you might place banners at niche events, concerts and festivals. Want to promote your restaurant or retail shop? You can place banners inside malls, outside strip malls, in downtown shopping districts, outside your storefront and even near competitor locations.

Note that you should secure permission to place your banners before you invest in banner printing.

You might select a mix of distribution points. For example, you might print six banners to reach the masses in high-traffic areas and four banners to place within view of areas your target audience is known to frequent. Remember that repetition is critical to marketing success, so blanket your area with banners strategically placed for maximum exposure.

vinyl banner

Vinyl banner by Design Action for Arizmendi

3. Craft copy and design your banner

Once you know what you’re going to promote and what actions you want people to take, you can create your copy and design your banner. You can download free banner layout templates, which provide guidelines to ensure a perfect fit for your design (it’s a good idea to know where you will be distributing your banners so you can select the right size).

Banner designs should be simple, attention-getting and memorable. Keep text concise and to-the-point. Use interesting images and contrasting colors to command attention. Fonts should be large and simple so they can be read at a distance. Incorporate plenty of white space for easy reading and make your call to action (if you have one) brief yet memorable.

Think about the environment your banners will be posted in and how your audience will interact with it. Will they be driving by at 70 miles-per-hour? Seeing it as a backdrop on an event stage? Walking by it at a festival or in a mall? Your banner design should cater to that environment.

banner printing service

Vinyl banner for HALA

4. Print your banners

You’ll determine your banner size during the design phase, and your banner locations will inform the type of banners you should print:

  • Adhesive wall graphics are perfect for interior locations where you can use wall space
  • Vinyl banners work well in both indoor and outdoor locations and can be finished with hems and grommets for easy hanging or pole pockets for post installations
  • Opt for white mesh vinyl banners if you’ll be placing banners in a windy location — the tiny holes allow wind to pass through without tearing your banners
  • Canvas banners provide an upscale look for indoor applications and fair-weather outdoor environments

Once printed, you can distribute your banners in your selected locations.

promotional banner

Vinyl banner for Daddy Jones Bar

5. Measure response

Once your banners are in place, it’s a good idea to measure response. Your banners might have a specific all to action such as a coupon code or unique URL that makes response easy to measure. If not, you can still measure your response by tracking any increases in web traffic, store traffic, phone calls, app downloads and sales. Use this information to determine whether your banner marketing campaign is successful so you can duplicate your success for future campaigns.

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