5 ways to boost sales with calendar marketing

October 23, 2019

Calendar printing is a powerful marketing strategy that puts your brand in front of customers 365 days a year. Unlike many other marketing materials, calendars are useful: people use them to plan their schedules and note important dates, so they offer real-world value that lends incredible exposure to your business every single day.

Choose a relevant calendar theme, and calendars can even foster solidarity with your customers and increase the likelihood they’ll want to do business with you.

But calendars are more than mere branding tools. With a bit of brainstorming, you can cleverly create calendars that motivate year-long direct sales. To that end, the following details five ways to boost sales with calendars.

calendar printing

Calendars for Basset Buddies Rescue Of Texas

1. Add special time-limited offers

Develop relevant special offers designed to meet customers’ seasonal needs and insert them into your calendar design. You can have a new offer each day, week, month or season.

For example, a home improvement store might run specials on rakes and leaf blowers during autumn, discounts on snow shovels and snow blowers in the winter and offers on landscaping supplies in the spring.

If you host big sales events, make sure to mark their dates on your calendars. You might even add an extra incentive for calendar owners to encourage event attendance.

Timing has major influence on purchasing decisions, and calendars make it easy to deliver the right offer, to the right people, at the right time.

2. Encourage social follows

Ask customers to follow you on social media to unlock more deals. Strategically place calls to action each month – you might even run a different social special each month to motivate follows from different audience segments.

Or, you could offer special deals only to those who follow you, which encourages customers to continue following your social accounts.

When you use calendars to motivate social follows, you can then continue to market via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms. That offers multi-channel marketing and repetition – a powerful way to influence sales.

calendar marketing

Calendar for Tananarive Aubert Photography, and you can find her on Etsy and Facebook

3. Encourage email subscribers

Similarly, you can use calendars to motivate customers to subscribe to your email newsletter. Each month, add a special offer that’s exclusive to email subscribers. Promote the deal and how to subscribe on your calendar.

You can even ask your audience to share your email subscription form with friends and family members – add an extra incentive so they can double their savings when they share.

Once people subscribe to your email list, you can continue marketing to them with more special offers and newsletters that establish your credibility and authority. Email is ultra-affordable, so use your calendar to promote your list and enjoy multi-channel marketing and repetition that drives sales.

4. Promote your app

If you have a mobile app, calendars can be fantastic promotional tools. Each month, include a call to action that makes it easy for people to install your app on their mobile devices: via search, a direct URL or a scannable QR code.

You might even offer cool interactive augmented reality features, such as a product tour or video when they download your app or scan a QR code. This is a powerful way to create desire for your products.

Explain the benefits of downloading your app: instant access to your product catalog, informational articles that help customers achieve their goals and, of course, special deals exclusive to app and calendar owners.

Apps can be powerful promotional tools customers can access any time, anywhere. Boost app downloads with special incentives printed each month on your calendars.

print calendars

Calendar for the Marine Mammal Center, designed by Adam Ratner

5. Include monthly tips and tricks

What problems do your customers face, and how can you solve them? Make that a point of emphasis each month with helpful tips and tricks they can use to solve their problems and improve their lives.

Your tips should be relevant to your customers, the season and your products and services, so they motivate sales. For example, our home improvement company could add home winterization and energy savings tips to the month of November on its calendar. Several tips could serve as natural segues to the products it sells.

Calendars are traditionally used as year-long branding tools, but they can do so much more for your business when you identify ways to make your products top of mind at just the right time, then add an incentive to act now.

They’re also among the cheapest marketing tools, when you consider your cost per view, per person, per day. Get your calendars in-hand before the end-of-year holidays to ensure your brand (and not your competitors') adorns customers’ desks and walls.

Use these tips to transform your calendars from simple company branding materials into powerful direct sales marketing tools and maximize your ROI with discount calendar printing today!

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