How to design memorable event posters

June 19, 2019

Poster printing is a powerful way to promote events, but you need a compelling design to stand out and attract a large audience to your event. Print memorable event posters that captivate your crowd with these eye-catching event poster design ideas.

Go retro

Vintage poster design can help your event stand out from other events competing for your audience’s eyes. Black and white photos, textured fills and simple typography with subdued retro colors can help you craft a vintage look for your event poster design, similar to this poster for Long Beach Records.

retro poster design

Combine large images and white space

Large photos and illustrations can command attention for your event posters. Incorporate plenty of white space to draw eyes to the focal point of your design. These posters for Camp Grounded illustrate how you can use large images, white space and typography to design an attention-getting poster.

large images poster design

Use stylized typography

Your event posters should be easy to read, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the typography. Make yours stand out with unique filters, angled or shaped type paths and textures. You can also print event posters that feature foil stamped lettering for an elegant look that turns heads. Another idea: make text mimic real-world objects, such as noodles that spell out the name of your event. This poster for Thirsty Ears Festival turns colorful cup phone string into the word “ears” in a way that ties the entire design together.

event poster stylized typography

Contrast similar colors

Color contrast is common advice for event poster design. Contrasting colors are visually interesting and help your posters get noticed. You can even create contrast with similar colors. This poster for Ray Of Light Theatre features a light green silhouette against a dark green background. The designer, Yrving Doveralba, added textures and gradients to make it pop.

event poster design contrasting colors

Create colorful illustrations

Make your event poster design stand out in any environment with a custom illustration. Unique and colorful illustrations are memorable and offer attention-getting contrast. This poster designed by Annie Maley for World Veg Festival promotes the event with an eye-catching illustration.

event poster design with colorful illustrations

Use a compelling photo

Make an interesting photo the focal point of your event poster. If you use a person’s picture, have the subject make eye contact with the viewer. Other ideas include striking landscapes and wildlife, including this poster design for The Hungry Owl Project designed by Joe Fox.

compelling photo on an event poster

Use large, bold fonts

Large, bold fonts command attention for your event posters. Your typography can dominate your design, make a statement and leave a lasting impression on your audience. One example is this poster designed by Dominic Lloyd for the San Francisco Council of District Merchants Association.

event poster fonts

Consider visual hierarchy

Your event poster must first get noticed, then create desire and finally deliver details. Craft your design to achieve those goals in that order. This poster for Lone Star Round Up accomplishes that with an attention-getting illustration, photographs that resonate with its audience (create desire) and details reserved for the bottom portion.

event poster visual hierachy

Make it fun (and funny)

A humorous event poster design not only gets noticed; it can generate free word-of-mouth marketing. Consider ways you can design a funny poster for your event. This poster for Circus Center designed by Fernando Gambaroni adds a funny twist to an already interesting photo.

funny event poster design

Layer design elements

Add depth to your event poster and make it more interesting with layers. This poster designed by Katie Kincade for the Seva Foundation features multiple layers to lend a 3D quality to the design.

layer poster design elements

Make it mysterious

Foster intrigue for your event with a mysterious poster design that presents your audience with the unexpected. Unique, even slightly unsettling, poster designs are memorable and make it more likely your audience will recall your event long after they view your poster. This event poster for The Art of Moonalice rock poster exhibit does the trick.

mysterious event poster design

Ready to create your own memorable event poster design? Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, bring it to life with premium poster printing at discount prices!

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